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Switches record call data in files known as CDRs (Call Detail Records) or just billing records. This record contains the details of every phone call made. In medium and large local exchange carriers, the switches have to be scattered geographically between regions or states. The way these switches provide the CDRs varies with the switch model. The XL-Telecom is a complete and definitive solution for CDR collection. It supports all currently manufactured interfaces. Besides, XL-Telecom can be used to collect data of any switch model. The interfaces available are: X.25, SCSI, Ethernet and Pertec. When using the Pertec or SCSI interfaces, XL-Telecom behaves as a tape drive emulator (MTE - Magnetic Tape Emulator).

XL-Telecom is a solution designed specifically for switch data collection through the network. It is able to receive, send and store the data for billing, anti-fraud, traffic control systems among others. A XL-Telecom collector advantage is the switch type abstraction for systems that process this data. This collector provides a consistent and reliable platform for collecting data through features specifically designed for critical applications that must run continuously, supporting network failures and maintenance in the target systems without data loss.

Technical Specification:

  • Data collection

    • Collection without data loss in case of power failure
    • Available data collection interfaces: X.25, SCSI, Pertec and Ethernet
    • Storage area with Non-volatile memory (Flash)
    • Generated CDR filename formatting
    • File closing is controlled by the switch
    • Generated files visualization
  • Application softwares

    • Gzip compression
    • File content visualization
    • Local collector configuration through serial console or SSH
    • Configuration through Web (HTTP)
    • Log visualization
    • X.25 input data visualization
    • System processes monitor
    • Collected files statistics
  • Data transfer

    • FTP and SFTP Server
    • FTP Client
  • Security

    • Remote restart
    • Remote software update
  • Approved switch models

    • Ericsson - AXE
    • Siemens - EWSD
    • Alcatel - S12 (PAS and V1P)
    • Lucent - 5ESS
    • NEC - NEAX
    • Trópico - TROPICO-RA

Hardware Platform:

The XL-Telecom equipment uses the HDW-BX100 platform.

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