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STS-3000 (Ethernet/X.25)

STS-3000 (Ethernet/X.25)


Switches use the X.25 protocol to provide command console, status control and alarms access. Many companies don't have a X.25 network because of its high maintenance cost. Besides, the switches work together with different technology equipments.

STS-3000 is the best solution for this problem. It is needed only the STS-3000 to perform the interface between the switch and the company TCP/IP network. STS-3000 allows that many applications use just one physical X.25 connection. In other words, with one X.25/switch connection, STS-3000 enables to establish multiple terminal sessions simultaneously.

There are other market solutions, that are based in X.25 package encoding and decoding to extend the network over TCP/IP (XoT - X.25 over TCP/IP). These solutions are more expensive than STS-3000 because are needed at least 3 equipments to perform the solution.

Technical Specification:

  • Terminal

    • Switch control access: only registered users can perform the switch´s terminal
    • Remote terminal providing
    • Access LOG
    • Serial console for configuration
  • Configuration

    • Configuration by profile
    • Configuration through Web
    • Configuration through the equipment's serial console
    • Configuration through Telnet / SSH

Hardware Plataform:

The STS-3000 (Ethernet/X.25) equipment uses the HDW-CX100/X plataform.

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